Product packaging design


Click this link to access the blank box image: Link


Graphic Design Activity

Graphic Design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.

The skill is also applied to product packaging. In this activity you will develop the design for a toothpaste sized box container. (See example)


    1. Decide on a product.
    2. Use the blank box layout to sketch your design idea.
    3. Have Mr. Morgan check your design.
    4. Download the blank box layout image from the class blog.
    5. Open a blank Word document, change the page orientation to Landscape.
    6. Place a text box on the page that covers most of it.
      1. Insert the blank box layout image in this text box.
    7. You can use text, pictures and clip art from the internet; Shapes; and WordArt as design elements.
    8. NOTE: each individual item (picture, text, WordArt) must be in a separate text box so they can be moved freely on the box layout.
    9. Start with the background first and then each item is layered on top.
  • Your box design must include a slogan or tag line.


Design requirements:

  1. Two side of the box can have the same design (see example).
  2. One side must provide product benefits.
  3. One side must provide directions for use of the product.
  4. The outside end flaps must have a design.
Product packaging design

About Me Questions

This activity will help students practice using the online version of Mirosoft Word and OneDrive. The assignment is due by the end of class on 1-10-17.

  1. Open your class folder in Onedrive.
    2. Click new and then select Word document.
    3. Name the document About Me Questions
    4. Copy the questions listed below into the new Word  document you created.
    5. Type detailed answers to the questions in the document.

    6. After you have finished answering the questions, use Google to find three school appropriate pictures that are related to your answers to the questions. Save the high resolution version of the picture to your computer and then paste them into your document.

    NOTE: To get the high resolution version of an online picture click the thumbnail nail image. Then click View Image (now you should only be able to see the image by itself on the screen). Right class class and save the image to your computer, making sure you rename it so you know what the picture is.

    About me questions (give details about why these are important and shre related experiences you have had).

What do you like to read?
What internet sights or type of sights do you like to frequent?
What are your favorite tv shows or movies?
What kind of music do you like. Name specific artist or songs?
What hobbies are you interested in?
Who is important in your life?
Where do you like to travel or where would like to travel to?
What do you care most about in life?
What would you like to accomplish in life (talk about goals and future plans)?

About Me Questions